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High Temperature Chain Oils

PC 260 & PCL 280. High temperature non-carbonising, low volatility chain oils for conveyor chains, paint staving lines, bakery ovens and textile sterner machines

Pro-alpha Gear Oils Range - Fully Synthetic

Viscosity range from ISO 68 to ISO 1000. Polyalpha Olefin (PAO) range of synthetic EP gear oils for extreme temperature condition from -50'C to 180'C

Pro-glycol Gear Oils

Viscosity range from ISO 100 to ISO 1000. Polyalkylene glycol range of premium quality industrial gear oils for heavily loaded gear boxes, particularly suitable for worm gear and sealed for life applications.

Semi Synthetic Gear Oils

Viscosity range of 80W/90 & 85W/140. Truly multi-functional industrial gear oils containing the latest additive package technology for enhanced performance.

Compressor Oils

Viscosity Range from ISO 32 to ISO 150. High performance range of compressor oils utilising optimised additive technology and can be used for all type of compressors.

Semi Synthetic Compressor Oils

Viscosity Range from ISO 32 to ISO 150. A range of semi-synthetic compressor oils with exceptional performance and benefits equal to that of fully synthetic oils.

Slideway Oils

Viscosity Range from ISO 68 to ISO 220. High performance slideway oils which are highly resistant to coolant wash off.

Textile Oils

Textile Oils are colourless lubricants with high lubricity and exceptional stability that has been designed for reliable, long-lasting performance. These are quality formulated specially for use with machinery used in today's textiles and thread industries, and will not stain or mark fabric and these are easily washable with water. Proventus (UK) Ltd Textile Oils provide extremely high speed performance - up to 20,000rpm with low viscosity grades.

Biodegradable Gear, Hydraulic and Compressor Oils

A range of fully synthetic Biodegradable Gear, Hydraulic and Compressor Oils particularly suited for the lubrication of gearboxes, compressors, reduction units, and also drive and conveyor chains. Ensure the correct recommended ISO grade is used for each gearbox. Bio-Gear and Compressor Oils contain special additives that extend re-lubrication intervals. These gear oils can also be used as chain oils in environmentally sensitive areas.

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