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Lithium, Lithium EP (Extreme Pressure), Lithium Moly (MoS2) and Lithium Graphite

NLGI GRADES: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 Greases with a conventional lithium thickener, the selection dependant upon the working conditions and performance desired.

Lithium Complex, Lithium Complex EP (Extreme Pressure) and Lithium Complex Moly (MoS2)

NLGI GRADES: 00, 1, 2, 3 Greases using lithium complex technology, which provide improved water and temperature resistance and greater longevity.

Anhydrous Calcium and Anhydrous Calcium EP (Extreme Pressure)

NLGI GRADES: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 2/3 Greases that provide improved resistance to wet and humid working conditions.

Aluminimum Complex EP

NLGI GRADES: 00, 0, 1, 2. A highly stable grease for very wet and saturated conditions.

Bentone, Bentone Moly (MoS2) and Bentone Graphite

NLGI 1, 2, 3. Non-melting greases for high temperature, wet, high load, shock loading and dusty conditions.

Calcium Sulphonate Greases

Extra life CBS 2 is a superior quality, extremely stable, Calcium sulphonate grease with exceptional load carrying capacity designed to provide extended relubrication intervals in a wide range of applications including extreme working conditions. Extra Life CBS 2 is suitable for use in all types of anti-friction, plain bearings and sliding surfaces. This product is available in a variety of NLGI grades and base oil viscosities.

Silicone Grease

Profood Clear Grease 2 is a synthetic gel-like grease suitable for a wide range of applications in th food, drink and pharmaceutical industries or where a clean lubricating grease is desired. Profood Clear Grease 2 is non-melting, non-toxic, and is suitable for the lubrication of plain and rolling element bearings as well as for the lubrication of plastic components and O rings. The inclusion of PTFE provides good anti-wear properties.

Wire Rope Grease

NLGI 00,000. A semi-fluid grease for wire rope lubrication designed to meet the extreme lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of wire ropes working extreme conditions. Wire Rope Grease applies a thin film, which does not fling off in use, nor does it attract dusty particles. Fully bio-degradable wire rope lubricant is also available.

Open Gear Grease

Open Gear Grease is an aluminium complex soap thickened grease based on solvent refined hydrocarbon oil incorporating solid lubricants, polymers, extreme pressure additives and a blend of anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors, combining to provide effective lubrication with excellent corrosion protection. Open Gear Grease has been specially developed for the lubrication of all types and sizes of open gears, including spur, helical and bevel drive gears that are subjected to extreme loads, high working temperatures and water saturated conditions.

Lubricants for Brake Calipers

  • Caliper Grease has been developed to cope with the extreme lubrication requirements of pins and sliding linkage mechanisms on heavy duty brake calipers. It is highly compatible with the brake fluid and a variety of seals used in this application.
  • Caliper Assembly Fluid is a very high performance lubricant used for the assembly of pistons in the brake caliper. It is highly compatible with the brake fluid, O rings and seals used in this application. It does not leave residua in the brake system usually associated when conventional greases are used.
  • Synthetic NC 2 - premium quality special adhesive lithium grease for sliding and linkages on the brake assemblies associated with vibration and high temperatures on commerical vehicles.
  • Anti-seize products are highly effective as anti-squeal of brake pads (used on the metal parts only) under aggressive conditions, including chemical environments and salt water.

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